Study suggests strong link between obesity and COVID death rate

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It was my understanding that this connection had been extremel well established very very early on? Basically as one of the earliest risk factors recognized? Old age, overweight, male.


I thought we knew a 9+ months ago.


43, 5’10”, 265 lbs. Got COVID around Xmas and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Acute respiratory failure with hypoxia and other fun stuff. Wife and daughter both got it and felt bad for a week but not even as bad as having the flu for them. If I’d been in better shape I wonder if it would’ve hit me like that. Probably not. Lost 20 lbs during. Trying to keep it off and get below 200.


I was talking to the dietician from my doctor’s office as she is a friend. The doctor offers free counseling with her if you’re trying to lose weight. I said I thought it was wonderful that they offered that. She said yeah they have so many patients who need to lose weight that they are constantly trying to figure out what works. They go to seminars all the time. They thing that struck me was when she said there are so many different reasons why a person is fat. One woman would eat ice cream every night when she was a child with her dying mother. People who were sexually abused as children often eat to make themselves unattractive. Sometimes a persons only happy memories have to do with food. Sometimes it’s cultural–you grow up with a fat family eating shitty food. Or sometimes you grow up so poor that food is what makes you feel secure. It taught me to be less judgemental. Everybody is fighting their own secret battles. Many people can hide theirs. Fat people can’t.


no wonder so many americans have succumbed to it.