The difference between someone being charming or being creepy often comes down to how attractive that person is.

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I mean.. yes and no. I don’t think it’s that simple, bc there are plenty of very attractive men who are creepy (in my experience). But it is psychologically proven that all people (men and women) are more likely to like or trust you based on how attractive they rate you.


Nah, creepy is creepy regardless of looks


Jack black is fat relatively short but the guy got some charm to him.maybe not charm per se but he is fun and charismatic. A lot of celebrities are actually conventionally unattractive but quite charming. See maisie williams.less attractive than A lot of celebs but miles away more likeable charming and charismatic that a good amount of them Edit: practical example.See Taylor swift,wins in the beauty department over maisie williams but is usually the butt of jokes and gets mocked over thousands of times.


True by definition, no?


He’s not talking about looks in terms of absolutes but in terms of how attractive you, personally, find the particular person. Obviously.