The UK has lost more than 90% of the lush seagrass meadows that once surrounded the nation. A resurgence of seagrass meadows would rapidly absorb the carbon dioxide that drives the climate crisis and provide habitats for hundreds of millions of fish, from seahorses to juvenile cod.

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People always assume trees but I have read some studies that if people turn their lawns into natural grass and native plants it would do a tremendous amount


It might help to include maps of seagrass extent in the past and now.


Put this in the pile of “things we can do to fix our problems, but never will.”


Why such a heavy decline? Such an important question that also helps answer others. Like how easy would it be to propagate more, if we need to find another region to propagate it, does the solution carry over to other aquatic vegetation


As some other commentators have said about trawlers possibly being a cause of the loss, wouldn’t ‘lab grown’ fish help mitigate this, as the need for trawlers diminishes?