TIL about Eben Byers a man who drank radioactive water for 3 years in the 1920’s and 30s and rotted himself to death from the inside out.

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The guy in the picture isn’t him. That’s a World War I jaw wound.


Yeah, the whole radium craze seemed stupid now, but people were all convinced that radiation was good for you. Most didn’t does themselves with quite so much as this poor fellow, but they were selling special pitchers to make all the water put into in radioactive, among other things.


Damn. Just damn.


Radithor was touted as an impotence cure, and this former ladies’ man started chugging it in his late 40s. Ironically, I think the arm injury story was an attempt to save face.


I picked the wrong wikipedia rabbit hole this time. Do not google Radium Jaw if you’re squeamish; do not google Radium Girls if you want to sleep well tonight.