TIL that at an Allied checkpoint during the Battle of the Bulge, US General Omar Bradley was detained as a possible spy when he correctly identified Springfield as the capital of Illinois. The American military police officer who questioned him mistakenly believed the capital was Chicago

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The previous day an MP had arrested and shackled General Bruce Clarke because he said the Chicago Cubs were in the American League.


So, how many spies did he let through that said Chicago?


“What’s the capital of Illinois?” “I”?


Man glad to see that our people were just as dumb back then as they are now.


I have a friend from Egypt who says that he almost always gets stopped at immigration whenever he travels to America. He always recalls one interaction where the border control were asking him about his travels over the last few months and he explained ‘I left Austria to visit my family in Cairo for a few weeks- after that I went straight back to Vienna’- the officer apparently then proceeded to ask ‘So why didn’t you go back to Austria instead?’. Geography is hard people.