TIL that during the American Civil War, several divisions of the confederate army had a large snowball fight. It started when a couple of hundred men from Texas plotted a friendly fight with men from Arkansas, which spiralled into a brawl involving 9,000 soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia.

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That photo is of a snowball fight in 1890s Europe


>the largest military snow exchange Something about that wording is hilarious


Sounds like that fight really… snowballed


See these slavers were just trying to have a good time


“Everything had been progressing with a general Spirit of genial camaraderie until of the corporals was the target of the deadly yellow snowball. At that point, the seriousness of the situation was made evident. Further action was convened following the subsequent rehydration of the troops.” — From “You’re a nation? We’re a nation! A Concise Bathroom Compendium of Apocrypha”