TIL that “Nimh” in the movie “Secret of Nimh” stands for “National Institute of Mental Health” and is based on a book about the institute that did horrific studies on rats

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The movie makes that very clear.


Avenge me


Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH… I had no idea they’d made a movie of it. I loved that book when I was young.


80s baby over here! Watched this movie on HBO everytime it was on. Loved it but it was definitely scary. Don Bluth was an amazing animator, really underrated! All Dogs go to heaven and An American Tail were also awesome


I actually read the book in… 5th grade, I think? My memory is hazy, but I do remember the book was pretty bleak, especially the end. I thought it had some more detailed scenes than the movie regarding the laboratory. My siblings and I used to watch the movie a lot, and even as dark as it was, the book was worse. We loved it anyway. Weird kids, I guess!