TIL that the lyrics in Le Freak by CHIC originally contained the words “fuck off” rather then “freak out”. They got the idea after being denied entry to a club and the bouncer told them to “fuck off”. The lyrics were changed since they couldn’t say fuck on the radio.

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It wasn’t just any club. It was Studio 54 and that song became one of the most popular songs played in that club. Which was ironic. Because the person who wrote it wasn’t allowed in the club.


I’ve been told to fuck off a handful of times, never been tempted to write a song about it. Interesting approach.


Reminds me of the original lyrics to Paradise City by Guns & Roses: *”Take me down to paradise city where the girls are fat and they got big titties.”* Sometimes, less is more, I guess.


The Annals of Misheard Lyrics: When that song had major rotation on radio playlists, my 4-year-old sister thought they were saying “Free Cow.”


Not quite as catchy. “Fuck off! Le fuck, tres c’uck”