Twitter has permanently banned the biggest ex muslim youtuber apostate prophet.

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From moderator of r/exmuslim u/ONE_deedat >Apostate Prophet suspended/banned from Twitter for merely saying why he personally is ripping up the Quran (a book not a person). >It’s him today and many will follow tomorrow. A lot of ExMuslim activists are looking at alternative platforms, action plans etc… because they know what is being censored is criticism of an ideology under the guise of protecting “Muslims” (second largest religion and the majority in over 50 countries with extremely poor (relatively) human rights records against minorities). >All a ploy to prop up and help the extremists pawns keep their iron fists on the neck of their people, lured by greed of money and power. >Then people (lay westerners from both the left and the right) ask where are the rationalists, progressives, reformists, moderates etc…. in the Islamic world…..Where do you think they will be if there is a whole global superpower bloc propping up the extremists through moral and material support. Allowing them to utilise their multimedia outlets while banning and censoring anyone who dares move away from the cultish majority? Where is that minority? Silenced by you!!! It was later confirmed by him that he was permanently suspended.


TIL the Quran is a person. /s


They did that to Armin Navabi too! Hypocrites, yet they won’t ban muslim hate-preachers


They are the same people behind r/extomatos. That subreddit consist of a bunch of Islamist who target and threaten ex-muslims. If Reddit actually gave a fuck, that subreddit would be banned.


What happened??? This is awful.