U.S. blocked Myanmar junta attempt to empty $1 billion New York Fed account – sources

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So let me get this straight; they launched a coup to overthrow the govt without first checking to make sure they had enough money in the bank to weather intl sanctions, and isolation?


I’m fairly sure the military dictatorship in Myanmar never ended, and that this ‘coup’ is just them dropping the facade again. The previous “state counsellor” (head of state), Aung San Suu Kyi, was mysteriously unable to stop the military from genociding Rohingya muslims the past several years and even seemed defiant of criticisms of the genocide at times (“show me a country without human rights issues”). Call me a conspiracy nut but I’m sure there’s something else going on behind the scenes. Hopefully this can be resolved with a truly democratic government that doesn’t carry out genocide, not further dictatorship or an installed puppet.


So soldiers and enforcers don’t get paid, have to live like poor citizens oh that’s gonna turn out well – they will end up targeting the rich , oligarchs and wealthy politicians


Good, fuck the junta.


Yea fuck those bastards