Volcano near Reykjavík, Iceland about to erupt

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Few points to consider 1. It’s neither underwater nor under a glacier, so there won’t be the same amount of ash as the 2010 eruption. At least not enough to shut down air traffic. 2. It’s probably not going to destroy any settlements, although the main road to the international airport might be in danger. Also there is some gas that might go over to Reykjavík 3. It’s the first eruption in this area for ca. 900 years..


I like how they have given up trying to give the name of the volcano. ‘You guys won’t be able to pronounce it anyways.”


The last time this happened 10 years ago, nobody on US news could pronounce the name of the volcano properly.


Maybe. There are clues magma is moving but it may as well stop halfway up and not reach the surface. It also is quite far from Reykjavík and the lava projected to flow south away from any nearby towns.


MSI 2021?