Weird times

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Why would you downvote someone who is clearly new around here and who was fairly polite and clear in his post? Could have just explained what I did wrong and I would have deleted it.


Slow and steady wins the race. I first started investing a few months before corona hit. I was up about $400 in my portfolio and continued to put most of my money into it. Then March hit…. massive crash that cut my portfolio in half and then some. No cash on the sidelines… which brings me to my next point… Had I had cash on the sidelines I would have been able to buy shares at a ridiculous discount. But I didn’t, and I waited until I had more money to put in slowly but surely. As of now my patience has paid dividends (lol) and I am now up $2,000 and some change.


Stock market is a transfer of wealth from the inpatient to the patient.


Unless you are planning on retiring tomorrow, don’t sweat it. In 5 years, you won’t even care about this specific 2 month time period.


>In your opinion, are ETFs like VTI still a smart investment despite recent volatility, or are we seeing some kind of fundamental change? No, and if you think that then you should look at some charts that date further back than two months. What is happening in the markets is far from anything that should worry anybody about their investments, let alone to make them think there’s been a “fundamental change.” And yes, it’s still a smart investment. Don’t sell- this volatility is normal.