What are some foods you just refuse to substitute?

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I like this question. My answer is honestly most foods at this point. I spent a ton of years substituting ANYTHING I could to opt for a lower calorie or lower carb or lower fat alternative. I’d eat gluten free vegan mac & cheese that tasted like shit to me. I’d eat low carb bagels and scoop out the inside of them. I’d eat low calorie versions of all of my favorite unhealthy snacks. I’d eat halo top instead of ben & jerrys. At one point I even tried to find lower carb WINE to drink. I love wine, and the lower carb versions I found were sinfully bad. I didn’t even lose weight sustainably with that mindset of “higher fat or calories or carbs = bad, always replace if possible with a “lower” option”. I just felt exhausted all the time and deprived and missed being able to just say yes to eating certain “cheat” foods I loved. When I completely shut off that substitute mindset and started eating whole foods, mostly plant-based (foods where there is no “substitute”), weight came off sustainably. I was also a lot happier. I ate that way 80-90% of the time when I was losing weight. The other 10-20% of the time I just enjoyed – in moderation – the less healthy foods I love. Two scoops of Ben & Jerrys on a Friday night? sure. Annie’s Mac & Cheese on a Sunday for lunch. sure. A normal bagel toasted with cream cheese for brunch with my friends some weekends? yes. A glass or two of my favorite wines when I go out for a date? Absolutely. I lost a ton of weight with absolutely zero substitutions. Just my two cents, I know that isn’t the right approach for everyone!


Cauliflower rice for, well, rice. No thank you.


Potatoes. You’ll have my ass before my carbs.


Parmigiano reggiano. Fat free cheese. I’d rather eat small portions of the real thing.


Any full fat dairy product. I went most of my life with low-fat and non-fat dairy products, and margarine instead of butter. I’ve been eating real butter for awhile, but just this past year I’ve discovered how much better tasting, and satisfying, full fat cheese, yogurt, and milk really are. Never going back.