What are some modern day cults that kinda fly under the radar?

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Here I am looking for a fun new cult to join and you guys are only mentioning the crappy ones


Not a traditional cult, but very cult-like. Certain schools of chiropractic “medicine”. If you look into the history of chiropractic a little, it is pretty wild that some of the more traditional schools are allowed to operate in modern times. The founder was a lifetime conman who claimed to have discovered the science of chiropractic by talking to ghosts. Traditional chiropractic philosophy believes that ALL sickness is due to “subluxations”, aka misalignment in the spine. There is also a huge crossover between traditional chiropractic theory and anti-vax messaging, because they believe ALL sickness can be remedied through spinal manipulation. In lieu of antibiotics they recommend adjusting (aka cracking) infants necks to treat ear infections. I’m not saying that there aren’t modern chiropractors who view their craft as a portion of more holistic treatment for muscular/skeletal issues, but an alarmingly large number of chiropractors believe and practice what I described above.


The 12 tribes. If you’ve been to a “yellow deli” restaurant you are supporting them unknowingly. They have it in their heads they need to raise 140,000 male virgins to be sacrificed on 2070 for the second coming of Jesus. You have to own enough property/money to join or they won’t let you in as everything you own gets signed over to them right down to what clothes you get to own and where you live even if you own a home yourself. They don’t allow children to go to school and force them to work the farms that supply their restaurant, they also obviously have been charged dozens of times for gross child neglect/abuse and violating child labour laws. They are one of the more disgusting groups that doesn’t get acknowledged. Also they exist all across Canada and the USA.


Multi-level marketing programs and Amish communities


Mormonism actuallly. Talk to ex-Mormons and they will often describe it as such