what is a movie everyone loves but you hate?

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I hate James Cameron’s Avatar. I cannot for the life of me understand why it was such a box office success.


I don’t hate it but I have been absolutely terrified of E.T since I first saw it as a kid. I am a huge horror fan and have hundreds of horror DVDs but if I really want it be scared, I watch E.T. I don’t understand how it is a kids film and eveyone thinks he’s so lovable. His neck stretches, he makes noises that sound like they come from hell. When he is all dried up and dying just…urgh. Don’t get it at all. I still have nightmares now (I’m 31) about him, standing at the end of my bed or pulling my hair with his sticky looking creepy-ass long fingers. Fuck right off.


The Notebook. Can. Not. Stand. It. It’s supposed to be sooooo romantic but the two of them are just aweful to each other. Total garbage.


Transformer movies that make a billion dollars.


Grease. I was forced to watch it as a kid because my mother and sister loved it. I hate the music, the dancing, the terrible plot and the chitty chitty bang bang bollocks at the end. My mother told teenage me that if I just paid attention I wouldn’t be single because I’d know how to be popular and get a boyfriend. Yeah, change everything about myself just for some guy. Hard pass.