What is the scariest thing a child has said to you?

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‘Mummy, there’s monsters watching you from the woods’ said my three year old when we moved into our new place and I was washing dishes by the big windows that look out to the woods. I laughed it off and closed the blinds


When my son was little (3 or 4ish) he would wake up with bruises on his forearms that looked like little hands had gripped him too hard. When we asked what was happening he told us an elaborate story about a little girl that lived in his closet and wanted him to hide in there with him. We sort of assume that he was grabbing his own arms in his sleep and having nightmares but that was definitely horror movie material. He said she wore a dirty white dress, her hair was falling out, her smile was too big and she had red fingers. Buh.


In the car with my friend and her 2 or 3-year-old who was just potty trained and still accident-prone. Kid: Mommy, I have to go potty. Friend: We’re almost there, sweetie. Kid: No, I have to go NOW. Friend: Do you have to go number one or number two? Kid, in a panic: SIX!! I HAVE TO GO NUMBER SIX!! ​ You can bet she pulled the car RIGHT the fuck over.


Not said, but did. My little sister used to sleepwalk. One night after I had finished watching a horror film, I heard banging on my door. I was freaking the fuck out, it was 3am. I opened the door to find my sister head butting the door, fast asleep. I nearly shat my pants. I turned her around and took her back into her room, then stayed awake the rest of the night.


Alright, so I’m a teacher and to get my degree I had to do a child psychology course and actually sit, while supervised, with a kid. With my luck, I get the kid right out of the f***** Shining. He has to see a physiologist because his parents found him trying to drown the family dog. While we were talking he didn’t blink once, he just kept staring at me, he didn’t even acknowledge the lady supervising us, he barely moved aside from tilting his head like he was listening to something behind him. When I eventually asked him why he tried to drown the dog he told me me “he licked my had I didn’t like it”. He then tilted his head to the side again and said, not to me or anyone really but to something behind him, “and yes because it was fun too.” I have never felt so creeped out in my life. I still think about that kid sometimes and what he is doing and if he got help or is still haunting the dreams of people.