What’s a current trend you can’t stand?

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Everything is an ad. “Influencers” are not people, they’re walking advertisements. YouTube ramming ads down my throat in an attempt to get me to pay for their premium service, using an educational app like Duolingo and shoving more ads in my face to try to get me to upgrade to premium. I can’t go anywhere without having some useless product shoved in front of me. Let me turn on my car radio and listen to some music. Haha fuck you, here’s an ad. It’s just disgusting.


I’m 35, everything pisses me off these days.


I hate how a specific body type becomes trendy every few years lol


Youtube comments. Look at literally any video and 95% of the comments are as follows: *** Nobody: Literally absolutely not a soul in the galaxy: [insert appalling and generic repetition of a line from the video] ######9999 thumbs up.


‘like’ or ‘upvote’ culture. Doing things in real life specifically to post on the internet to maximize likes and upvotes. It is sad once it crosses the line into requiring self validation for everything you do.