What’s popular on Facebook? Extreme far right political views and lies, study says

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tl,dr: The far right is exactly as gullible and as dangerous as they think everyone else is. And no, “both sides” aren’t equally as bad.

[This] seems to be original source of this study. Here are the interesting findings: > – Sources of news and information rated as far-right generate the highest average number of interactions per follower with their posts, followed by sources from the far-left, and then news sources closer to the center of the political spectrum. > > – Looking at the far-right, misinformation sources far outperform non-misinformation sources. Far-right sources designated as spreaders of misinformation had an average of 426 interactions per thousand followers per week, while non-misinformation sources had an average of 259 weekly interactions per thousand followers. > > – Engagement with posts from far-right and far-left news sources peaked around Election Day and again on January 6, the day of the certification of the electoral count and the U.S. Capitol riot. For posts from all other political leanings of news sources, the increase in engagement was much less intense. > > – Center and left partisan categories incur a misinformation penalty, while right-leaning sources do not. Center sources of misinformation, for example, performed about 70% worse than their non-misinformation counterparts. (Note: center sources of misinformation tend to be sites presenting as health news that have no obvious ideological orientation.) The interesting thing is, while both far-right and far-left political views get the most engagement (which is expected), far-right views that contain misinformation get more engagement than those without whereas far-left content with misinformation get less engagement than those without. Edit: link removed because /r/technology doesn’t like medium links.


No kidding, I haven’t used FB in months now and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself. Just full of family and friends who believe snow is fake.. I’m tired of this planet.


Facebook is toxic. Why anyone sane still uses it is beyond me. I deleted it over a year ago, along with Twitter, Instagram and pretty much everything else. Man it makes such a difference to your mental state and free time. I would recommend every one to give it a go.


Facebook is an armpit.