White House scoffs at idea Trump deserves credit for vaccines, saying half a million Americans died under his watch

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Absolutely right! Give credit where credit is due. Trump’s buffoonery and focus on reelection cost **half a million Americans their lives**. Vaccine credit my ass.


Dolly Parton deserves more credit for the vaccine than Trump.


He made masks political. Fuck that piece of trash.


In the Spanish Flu Outbreak of 1918, 50 million people around the world died from it and 654,000 people died from it in the United States In the Covid Pandemic, 2.5 million people around the world died from it and 500,000+ people in the United States died from it. We have lost almost as many people in this country to Covid as we did with the Spanish Flu, and our percentage of deaths from Covid compared to the rest of the world is even greater than the Spanish Flu percentages. This is what Trump considers winning.


You don’t thank the arsonist for putting out the fire. Except he didn’t actually put it out, he just flung a couple glasses of water at it and declared it doused.