Whomever normalised wearing yoga pants or tights in public is an international hero

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No lie. Throw in leggings too. Can’t tell what’s the difference


Except for every 1 person that looks good in them there’s 8 that appear to be smuggling 10 gallons of cold oatmeal.




My dog gets trolled by this at the dog park. She just checks for fit women legs in yoga pants and assumes it’s my wife. She gets so startled after sitting down on some strangers foot when she see’s her momma somewhere else. She always takes it personally too. Like the person intentionally tricked her. She always ignores the mistaken momma overtly and with sass. When it happened yesterday she even barked at the poor girl for being the wrong human.


I also don’t know the difference between yoga pants and tights, and I really don’t care. There’s vanishingly few women that don’t look fantastic wearing them, and I love it