You are able to pull one fictional object, into the real world, what do you ask for?

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something that can spawn fictional items


The spider that bites Peter Parker. You can see where this is going


That little pouch or whatever it is that Hermoine has in HP. The one where it looks insanely small yet can store endless things. That’d be sweet.


Death Note


Gene’s lamp from Aladdin. Wish one to be powerful enough to wield the infinity gauntlet without any side effects or damage. Wish two the infinity guantlet. With all stones. Wish three his freedom as I no longer need his powers and he has given me mine so he earned it Proceed to make myself immortal, damn near unkillable by anything short of the universal destruction, my body not need air, water, or food. Then go explore the universe and what it has to offer. Maybe leave a nice plaque somewhere about humanity so when everyone ruins the planet and dies they wont be forgotten.