23 y/o due to be executed for sharing blasphemous song in Nigeria.

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He was never even allowed a lawyer for his defence. On top of that, a group of lawyers made a damning statement before the appeals process had a chance to begin. To claim that he had a choice in being Muslim is a lie. If he had tried to leave Islam, he would have been killed. As it is, Muslims want to kill him because he dared to speak against Mohammed, one of the worst people ever to live in both deeds and legacy. My hope, though it is extremely unlikely, is that he somehow survives this mockery of justice.


Stuff like this really pisses me off.


Yup, gods “love”


Ridiculous. “Islam is all about peace” kiss my ass


How about they let him go and let their god punish him. It’s not like gods are a made up thing, right?