A lot of road rage could be avoided if vehicles had a that-was-my-bad signal.

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Just put your hand up flat in middle of car, they’ll be looking into the back of your head at you and will see it. If the window’s open put your hand up out the window.


Driving cultures in the West Indies have a honking technique for this. In Jamaica people will do like a quick “Pop-pop” with the horn to signal they’re giving right of way, or to just say “my bad” or “no worries”. It’s pretty cool and it seems to work


I would like a small light in the middle of the rear bumper that illuminates ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I thought that’s what the raised middle Finger is for?


I see hazard lights used often for thank you/I’m sorry, particularly when pulling in front of another car, and you’re right, it does work.