“Are you kidding?” and “Are you serious?” are opposite questions, but they can be used interchangeably.

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Many opposite pairs of questions allow that. For example: – Will you come to the party / Will you stay at home – Do you want pizza / do you not want pizza – Are you finished eating / are you still eating – Is that a new shirt / Is that an old shirt All of these pairs are interchangeable, because since there are (more or less) two possible expected responses, the answer will cover everything no matter if you ask one or the other.


…well yeah. It’s like if someone flipped a coin and you could ask “is it heads?” or “is it tails?” I just don’t see the significance of it.


Shirley you can’t be serious.


Just like saying “I’m gonna pound you” it can have different meaning based on the scenario


Well actually the meaning and answer will still differ. Just a random example. In a hospital someone could ask: Is he gonna live? vs, Is he gonna die?