Being ‘godless’ might be good for your health, new study finds

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Being religious and believing books written by desert scribes would translate as mental illness for me, and atheism is the opposite of that. It’s a sign of working intelligence that tends to question things based on logic. Perfectly sane.


Health is about personal choices, religious or not.


Excerpt: ## *Several new studies are challenging the idea that being an atheist leads to poor health.* In recent decades, a number of studies have found that being religious can be good for your health. People who regularly attend services are less likely to smoke, may be less likely to use drugs or be obese and may live longer than those who don’t attend services. Those findings have led some to conclude that, if religion is good for you, being an atheist will be bad for your health. That’s not exactly the case, said David Speed, professor of psychology at the University of New Brunswick in St. John, Canada. …. (continues on RNS)


So it’s not actually saying atheism is good for you, but rather that religion gives you no benefit. Stop the press!


Maybe rational people make good health decisions? Are more scientifically literate? Younger, wealthier cohorts with more education are likely to make better health choices? There are a ton of things that could easily explain this, none of them would surprise me.