Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to ‘stop whining’ after Covid-19 deaths hit record high

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We’re about to hit 3000 deaths a day here and the schools are still open, no mask mandate, vaccine roll out a complete mess, constant infighting between mayors, governors and the federal government. I catch myself thinking horrible thoughts. As in: “I hope so and so dies. Serves him well that Bolsonaro-voting, Covid-denying scum.” And then I have to remind myself that this person used to be my friend, that we laughed together and shared many memories. I hope I can come out of this with my humanity in tact.


I remember the day he was elected. Hordes of Brazilians on reddit were defending the man, as he was “the strong hand Brazil need” to take care of the the country’s problems.


Stop whining! Die with dignity, you dirty plebs! /s


I wonder if he would whine a lot if those people got their hands on him.


What a mofo