Bystander’s baby critically hurt in Houston police shooting

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> Officers tried to pull over a black Mercedes about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday because the car had been connected to several aggravated robberies, Houston Executive Assistant Police Chief Troy Finner said. The driver did not stop, crashed and then ran to a gas station, where a woman was outside her vehicle pumping gas, Finner said. > The man jumped into the woman’s vehicle and a responding officer saw that he had a gun. The officer opened fire, killing the man but also striking a 1-year-old child that was in the backseat, Finner said. Oof. Bad situation. Hope the child recovers.


Just waiting for the “That baby was no angel” comments


Whoops, you shot a baby. Here’s your paycheck see you tomorrow


They should charge the cop the same way they’d charge you for recklessly discharging your firearm.


The reform needed in Police training throughout the United States is so immense.