Catholic group opposes Colorado bill that would give child sex abuse survivors the ability to sue their abuser at any time

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Bring me your sick, tired and poor oh and all the child molesters, we love those guys.


You know you’re on the wrong side of things when you oppose the rights of children who have been sexually abused.


How can any member of the Catholic Church rationalize that this action is OK? How can anyone go along with a church that not only allowed the abuse of children, but protected the abusers and the Church from responsibility? They continue to do this today and show no signs of stopping. It’s disgusting and totally unethical. Church members that do nothing to stop this behavior are complicit.


I hope in my lifetime the rejection of all religion and organized farce will be widespread throughout pop culture and laws.


Imagine thinking a child rapist should get away because they raped someone back when the victim was a child.