China will give itself power to veto any candidate for Hong Kong’s legislature, according to a draft proposal described on Friday by a top Chinese lawmaker that represents a significant blow to the city’s already limited democracy.

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Lol HKers if you’re smart you should take that UK passport and run.


2047 came earlier than expected


What strikes me about authoritarian regimes is that they do keep doing their best to stick to their simulacrum of democracy, which they secretly abhor. It is actually a *de facto* recognition that democracy is the **only legitimate political regime that is**!


By definition, there is no longer any democracy at all. Democracy means people’s rule (greek). Power is that which you control. The people of Hong Kong no longer rule, or have power or legitimacy, since it can be removed from them at any time; they are only allowed a semblance of voting by the CCP and this will end, only reason its lasted so long is they did not want to excite westerners too much.


Why isn’t anybody standing up to China on this? It is clearly a violation.