Christianity/Evangelism is dying in the US, and they know it

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Same goes for racism, replace everything you said with racism. Sure things are still bad now but the simple example of how many mixed relationships and children are born versus the 90’s? Or further? People are concerned with how to defeat racism. Easy, the same way they implemented it, “breed it out”


>Christianity/Evangelism is dying in the US, and they know it Finger crossed, fingers crossed. I hopefully have another 50 or so years left on this earth I truly hope to see the utter collapse of their nonsense being socially relevant before I die.


I think you completely underestimate the US Midwest & South. The overall numbers may be down, but the change is almost entirely in the large metropolitan cities – NY, LA, SF, Chi, etc. There is a reason people like Josh Hawley, John Kennedy & Marjorie Taylor Greene get elected. Look at a map of the USA color coded by party and see how much red there is in the Midwest & South. The blue will be concentrated around large urban centers. What we are seeing is a cultural divide between urban & rural, between educated & uneducated, between those that want to move forward and those that fear change.


>Christianity/Evangelism is dying in the US, and they know it Good riddance. Religious institutions like these seem to breed prejudice and hate instead what it’s followers claim to be their precepts of love and peace.


~~less~~ *fewer* people go to church.