Detroit fire chief crashed department vehicle while under influence of alcohol, sources confirm

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Yep, this is why Detroit can’t have nice things.


Of equal importance is that he was actually responding to a fire while under the influence.


This reminds me of a story told to me by a very good friend who happens to have been, at one time, the Chief disciplinary attorney for FDNY: FDNY firefighter gets hammered right after his shift, drives home to New Jersey. On the way home, he hears a fire call go out over the radio for the town where he lives. Aborts the drive home, drives to a local fire station in his town, steal a fire engine and drives to the scene of the fire. Arrives at the scene, crashes the fire engine into a fire hydrant, hops out, and drunkenly asks the on-scene commander what he can do to help. To which the commander replies: “You can sit your ass down on the curb. You’re under arrest for stealing my fire truck.”


Should have become an Attorney General, then he could have killed someone with his car, said it was a deer, and have no accountability!


Can’t have shit in detroit