Every habitable planet in Star Wars and Star Trek has nearly identical mass. Everyone’s always walking around like it’s 1 G.

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Technically, not every. In star trek, they usually mention what kind of gravity the planet has. But most habitable planets they visit are class M, which is a planet with has an oxygen atmosphere and can sustain human life.


But the question is: Do 1g planets lend themselves to TV stardom because of their gravity’s good looks….or were the show developers *intentionally* misleading us into thinking that 1g is better than 5g?


All them aliens are bipedal with human proportions too, we need more variety


Well it has to have similar radius aswell, unless the mass is 4x and the radius is ½, or 16x and ¼, etc. Interesting thought. Well done.


Of course they do. There’s a selection bias. It wouldn’t really be a habitable planet if it had 5 G, or -1 G.