‘Everyone needs to have a gun’: Tennessee permitless gun bill advances

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“Everyone needs to have a gun” It’s pretty fuckin clearly shown through American history that that’s not true.


I’m all for people having guns but I would like to see better education like firearm safety and self defense case law.


As someone that has been to a good number of ranges here in NC, no, they don’t – not unless it comes with a shitload of education and training. These guys basically want to make it easier to purchase a firearm (which is already absurdly easy now here in the south) than it is to vote. But who am I kidding – we can’t get the fuckers to properly fund schools for kids, it’s wishful thinking that something like this would come with some education.


Why are Americans so obsessed with having the ability to murder eachother?


Watching my redneck uncle struggle to open a jar of pickles really make think not everyone can handle a gun.