Facial recognition technology can predict a person’s political orientation with 72% accuracy – While some have expressed privacy concerns over these new surveillance capabilities, the author of the new study says these concerns represent only the tip of the iceberg.

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Wait… sorry what?! This is crazy. To clarify for anyone who was intrigued like I was but didn’t have the time to scan the article, it seems that this algorithm is based almost entirely on behavioural elements and appearance decisions that can be observed in a typical profile picture, I.e hair style, pose, eye contact, eye wear or other fashion accessories and expression.


Popular identity politics has made this significantly easier.


So the AI is basicly ~~making an educated guess~~ judging a book by the cover.


Very little data disclosure. A researcher who makes no attempt to rationalize his findings beyond the model itself. The author works entirely alone. The author has already published similar pseudo-phrenological findings in trying to determine sexual orientation from facial structure. Lotta red flags on this article. Approach with care. High likelihood of bunk Science here.


Here’s a simple algorithm: If white and male and older, probably conservative. If anyone else, probably liberal. I wonder how that algorithm would score.