Farmers Ask For ‘Right To Repair’ – Farmers Advocates Say John Deere And Other Equipment Manufacturers Have Monopoly On Repairs.

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It’s the same for cars. In the 50s, 60s, 70s cars were fairly easy to repair. Everything had room for access and parts just made sense, even to someone who wasn’t a full time mechanic. But by the 90s, with compact cars, sideways engine mounts to reduce hood length and computer integration its nearly impossible for the average person to even change a battery. You have to tear half the car apart to even be able to touch a start or something like that. And even then, if you are talented and patient enough to replace a part on your own and get everything back together, then you need a computer to recalibrate the car so it runs right. It’s ridiculous


We dont own anything. We are just renting


I absolutely think we should have the right to repair. I also think that a company can refuse warranty work if you tinkered with your purchase.


Let’s quit the pay to play shit and just let people do their jobs. So sick of this cronyism everywhere you look. It’s not an R problem or a D problem, but a system problem that needs to be dug up and ripped out. Step 1, term limits. Let’s get some young blood in here that actually cares about their constituents and understand the average mans (womans) problems. It’s way too hard right now to get people that actually care in as elected officials, look at all the hard work and effort that AOC had to do!


Farmers supply our food, why make life hard for them? That makes no sense.