FBI: Trump-appointed State Department aide arrested in connection with Capitol riot

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“Surveillance video from Jan. 6 allegedly captured Klein attempting to enter a Capitol tunnel with a mob of rioters. Police body cameras showed that Klein “physically and verbally engaged with the officers holding the line, thereby affecting their ability to disperse the crowd,” according to the affidavit. Body camera and open-source footage captured Klein violently shoving a riot shield taken from an officer and “inciting the mob” – including by calling for “fresh people” at the front of the crowd – in his attempts to breach the police line.”


Man. I sure hope they can find out who instigated this insurrection.


Gotta say, it’s pretty nice seeing the FBI finally cracking down on the extremist groups, even if it’s long overdue.


I wonder if his time card will show he was on the clock during the terrorist attack?


Huh oh, how will they claim HE’S anitifa? Oh wait, they just will and say he never worked for Trump and hope everyone forgets reality like everything else.