“Fighting Cancel Culture” is simply “The War on Christmas 365”

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Cancel culture. Not providing a public platform for people to communicate ideas that run counter to public interest is not cancelling anything, its just not providing support. People can go just about anywhere they want ant say just about anything they want, just about anytime they want. If we had a cancel culture the fucks harassing women on the way to their doctor would get worse treatment than a distancing order. The problem with these fucking morons is that they think they are entitled to be given a promoted public platform to spew their bullshit. No one is stopping them from saying what ever the hell they want in their own spaces, but they are offended when they are refused the opportunity to come spew that bullshit in my face at a public event, fuck em.


No one has the right to be on Twitter or Facebook any more than they have the right to be on stage at an open mic night. The only real differences between the two is scale and ease of access. But a cafe owner has the right to kick you out if you read your racist poetry on stage and Facebook has the right to kick you out if you post your racist poetry in an update. Nothing is stopping you from reading your racist poetry in the public square or posting your racist poetry on your own website. What’s funny to me is that many of the people raging against “cancel culture” are the same ones that hate “big government,” but the only solution that I can see to stop Facebook from banning people is getting the government involved. I don’t know that they want that as much as they think they do.


Cancel culture is a real thing: it’s using the court of public opinion to find someone guilty until they proven innocent, when it should ethically be the other way around. It has actually existed pretty much forever and only seems like it’s a new thing since it just now has evolved onto social media. What do you think McCarthyism was? It was cancelling anybody suspected of being communist based on rumors. What do you think Woodrow Wilson’s “red scare” was? Same as above: cancelling anybody suspected of being a communist. What do you think the Salem witch trials were? It was the cancelling, or in this case drowning, anyone who was suspects of being a witch based on rumors. What do you think the inquisition was? It was canceling, or in this case, burning alive, anyone who might have been the “wrong”’religion. Humans are fallable and people will often jump on bandwagons of opinions to socially fit in, and thus angry mobs are formed and when they are in charge instead of a systematic legal system that’s dangerous. Sure 15 minutes of being shamed for having an opinion of twitter is a lot less worse than being executed, but this mob-mentality behavior is alarming nonetheless. Sure it seems fine when tolerant people are in charge of the system, but sometimes unfortunately who’s in charge changes faster than our collective ideals, and thus societal norms and traditions could potentially fall into the wrong hands. As an atheist, even a few centuries ago in Europe and in some parts of the world today, I could have gotten or could get in serious trouble for my opinion on theology and possibly even die for it. There are people in America with power who hate atheists and liberals like myself, and if they got majority rule then I really would not want to find out what happens.


Cancellation list for White Christian Conservatives (OC) ​ * Harry Potter * To Kill a Mockingbird * Diary of Anne Frank * Ouija boards * Teletubbies * French Fries * Bingo * Other religions * Premarital sex * Homosexuality ​ * Galileo * Martin Luther King * Dixie Chicks * Starbucks * JC Penney * Target * Wells Fargo * Hallmark * Netflix ​ * Colin Kaepernick * Barack Obama * Lt Col Alex Vindman * Mitt Romney * Martin Luther King * The Murrah Federal Building ​ * Refugees * SNAP benefits * Absentee voting **THEY SAY CANCEL CULTURE WE SAY CONSEQUENCES**


Whenever someone whines about cancel culture, I ask how it differs from the invisible hand of the market.. or voting with your wallet? Voting with your wallet is the ultimate conservative view… unless it’s not.