Forget $15 an Hour — the Minimum Wage Should Be $24: The minimum wage once went up hand in hand with the productivity of the U.S. economy. It should again.

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Wouldn’t it be easier to just pass a bill increasing the minimum wage and then write in that future adjustments would be tied to inflation (similar to how the tax brackets are updated every year)? Instead we’re constantly having this debate about how long it’s been since the last adjustment.


Minimum wage in the 70’s would buy you 4 Big Macs. Today it’s like 1.8. Do you know who made minimum wage in the 70’s and 80’s? High School Kids after school.


I’ve been saying this “$15/hr just doesn’t cut it.” $20/hour would begin to show improvements in the lives of many.


This is true. But good luck convincing all these millionaires to agree to that. Couldn’t even get 15. They won’t even give up a real 2000 *one time* check to people who are starving.


You wouldn’t need $24/hr if the insane cost of living was addressed. Funny how the government can force employers to pay a certain minimum wage but the government can’t force service providers to provide necessary services and housing for a certain price. Isn’t that strange.