From Forex to Bitcoin: Why Investors Are Bullish on Cryptocurrencies

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@goerge You misunderstood the pricing and investing which are methods of trading and investing. People said bitcoin doesn’t have intrinsic value. So finding the right value for it is impossible. Behavior trading and technical analysis are the game in bitcoin town. Unless I am comfortable with those skills I won’t be in the market. I don’t buy it at any price. I don’t fear missing out. I play the game I know, or at least I can understand.


One thing I would like to understand about crypto currencies is how to convert them in, say, USD. I am guessing there are exchanges where you can do this transaction. But how much liquidity is there available in those exchanges? If suddenly 10% of BTC holders want out, what happens? Is there a crash? Do we know the % of transactions out of BTC that would trigger a massive crash in BTC? Or is the whole system resilient? Edit: grammar


> Also, it bears mentioning that there have been many who have successfully made the transition from stock trading to crypto. For example, Ben Zhou, co-founder of ByBit, a top cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, ran a retail forex brokerage for nearly a decade before making the jump to crypto derivatives trading. Good to see that some of the crypto exchanges have real experience behind them. I’m sure that’s not the case for all….


Pornhub accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. This is the biggest indicator cryptocurrency will be a legitimate form of payment from here on out.


Where are they getting those numbers even in the first paragraph? $56T last year? Over $500T? Last time I checked BTC’s market cap was around $900B. How can I trust anything else in this article?