Google Chrome: It’s time to ditch the browser

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Get Firefox. It’s one of the best browsers that ***isn’t*** based on Chromium. 😀


Please don’t promote Safari over Chromium-based browsers. It’s the new Internet Explorer, tons of new web features are only missing in Safari, some of which they actively refuse to implement. At least Edge is Chromium-based now and won’t fall behind, and Firefox isn’t too far behind Chromium on featureset. ​ The biggest problem I have with the current landscape as a web dev is that Safari is the only actual rendering engine on iOS, which holds soooooo many things back…


Firefox for life


“If your device is powered by a battery, then you’re best using the stock browser. ” I can’t take anyone seriously that says this.


The battery life argument is pretty solid for laptop users, but as someone who only uses Android and a desktop PC, I don’t see much incentive to make the switch. As the article mentions, Chrome is best on Android. Then on PC, performance differences aren’t really noticeable in daily use. It might use a bit more system resources, but I have more than enough, and there is something to be said for having the same browser on both platforms. I tried to get into Firefox on Chrome but just couldn’t get used to the way tabs are laid out. Maybe I’m just getting older and resistant to change. Or maybe I’m just too lazy.