Harry Dunn’s family can bring claim in US against alleged killer and her husband, judge rules

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> In October 2019, two months after the collision, Mr. Dunn’s parents met with President Donald J. Trump for 15 minutes in the White House. Mr. Trump told a stunned Ms. Charles and Mr. Dunn that Ms. Sacoolas was in a nearby room and wanted to meet with them, but the parents balked at the offer. What the fuck kinda sick reality-TV play is that? Oh your son died, well surprise the killer is BACKSTAGE RIGHT NOW! LET’S BRING HER OUT JIMMY!


It’s about damn time.


Just imagine if a “diplomat” ran over an American teenager (bc that’s what he technically still was at 19) a and fled the country bc of diplomatic immunity. There’s been movies where Liam Neeson or some other crazy white dudes, fly over to that country and murder that diplomats whole family. And we Americans fucking love those films. I’m sure if your kid was killed you’d be like, “hey, she was super supportive but we couldn’t arrest her or anything – hope she has a nice life.” I effing doubt that bro.


> **alleged killer** Alleged? Ain’t nothing alleged about it, she straight up killed him and fled the country.


Turns out she was a CIA agent. So apparently as an American my tax dollars are going to spies who are too grossly incompetent and/or mentally retarded to even figure out what side of the road to drive on. James Bond she was not