Having asperger’s or ADHD feels like trying to act in a play, where everyone else has a script except you, and then they get mad at you for improvising.

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This is literally the plot of most of my nightmares. I’m in a play and I haven’t read the script. I wonder now if that’s symbolic.


Imagine having both haha….


I have ADHD, and I can kind of feel this. I look at people who don’t have ADHD as if they have superpowers sometimes. There are just things that I can’t get my brain to do, even medication doesn’t get me all the way there.


For you maybe. To me it feels like everyone else knew we were doing a play but someone told me we were going streaking. So me, of course wanting to fit in, gets naked and runs on stage. Only to find everyone else fully clothed. So everyone is staring at me while I try to figure out why I dont belong. Then I see the person that told me we were streaking, and I feel bad because it must have been me that misunderstood.


I don’t think I have either, but I definitely can relate to that feeling. Social etiquette so oftenly feels like such an arbitrary set of rules that everyone is just expected to know, even though there’s no place to learn “the right one” because there’s a billion of different sets.