Hertz — The original meme stock — is turning out to be worthless (Bloomberg)

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Original meme stock? What boomer shit is this…. Its no like no one remembers AMD or JNUG


I did an assignment on hertz bankruptcy and their organization and sorta just talked about the stock and got a C


Hertz was a joke that people actually ended up going in on. I wouldn’t call it a meme stock like amd, gme, or Tesla.


I agree that both are meme stocks. Two crucial differences though. First, is simply scale. Gamestop has financially benefitted unfathomably more than $29m from the trading frenzy. It’s been relatively limited in its ability to immediately offload shares due to SEC limitations, but it’s been able to leverage the attention to bring in some top talent, potentially acquire some extremely legitimate smaller gaming companies. Second is that IMO even before the frenzy Gamestop was still a much more solid company than Hertz, insofar as it wasn’t exactly on the brink of bankruptcy, and was closer to being in the early stages of a slow death ala Sears. Hertz was a Charlie Foxtrot


So what happens now? Will it just go to 0 and die? OR any change it will come back after pandemic?