Iceland has been hit by 18,000 earthquakes in just over a week, and a major eruption is predicted

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Can someone explain how dangerous this eruption is to me? I keep seeing people saying “stay safe” and “god be with you” but then I see other people saying that it won’t actually be that large or explosive at all


Is it 18,000 earthquakes or one really long intermittent rumble?


New Zealand Islands had earthquakes too. 8.1


Religious zealots are loving it, apparently it’s a *sign*. Again.


I’ve lived in Reykjavík most of my life and this is a very strange unique experience… My usual experience of earthquakes here is family and friends asking me “Did you feel the earthquake today?” And me sadly saying no… Consistently feeling these earthquakes and even being awoken by them at night is very weird. But just FYI, there hasn’t been much earthquake damage, basically just some cracked asphalt closest to the activity. The houses here and infrastructure are moatly all built with seismic activity in mind. They are not predicting a lot of damage or ashfall from a potential eruption