If you have ever contemplated suicide, why? And what saved you from going through with it?

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My answer’s not very inspiring, if that’s what you looking for, but I will be honest. It’s honestly the fear of failing. For example, if I jumped off a 10-story building, there would be a *very* small chance I’d survive, and if I do, I would survive in constant pain and paralysis. If I overdosed, my liver would fail which would be excruciatingly painful, but I would still be alive long enough for someone to come find me and hospitalize me. If you came here looking for a positive reason from me, then I apologize. If you’re going through something difficult right now, something I’ve done in the past is text the word “CALM” to 741741. It’ll link you up to a person who will text with you to hear you out. All the best, my friend.


The first time I was just very upset and angry inside. I didn’t like my life and I thought I’d rather be gone than to always be upset or mad. There was a bridge by my house that hung over a freeway. I planned to walk there, climb the fence, and just jump into oncoming traffic. I was walking there and once I got there and was abt to start climbing. I saw a grandfather and his granddaughter walking hand in hand, they were facing away from me. In that moment, something in my head said “don’t take that away from your dad”, so I stopped and walked back home. The second time, it felt like my life had crumbled to bits. My panic attacks were horrible and almost never ending, I would only have 30 min to an hour each day where I could stay calm. I left like I was going insane, seeing and hearings things that weren’t there and my life felt like it was in black and white. My parents took me to breakfast and took me to an animal shelter after. I didn’t want to go, I wanted to go home and sleep. I love dogs so it wasn’t that bad, and I saw one. He was small and laying in his bed in the corner, my mom went up to the cage and he didn’t move an inch. She left and I wanted to go but another lady went up to him. He didn’t get up for her either. I approached, he cried, got up, and came to cage where I was. He didn’t leave the cage’s border until I did too. I knew he was mine and the next day I got him. He’s not professionally trained but every time I get a panic attack he puts his body weight on me as if he knows. We have a bond I can’t explain and since I’ve gotten him, not one suicidal thought has crossed my mind since.


Nobody would be there to care for my pets, and my family would likely send them to a shelter if I was gone. I can’t do that to them.


Mostly spite. I didn’t want to let those fuckers win.


Mom would be sad