Isaac Asimov talks about superstition, religion and why he teaches rationality. He also explains why some people who think that we should abandon science are wrong and how scientific worldview is the best.

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Summary: with the rise of New Age nonsense, Isaac Asimov is on a mission against it. He cautions against abandoning science and buying into nonsense; warning that those who do are at risk of falling into a false sense of security and being taken advantage of. In this talk Asimov asserts that those who think that we should abandon science are wrong and defends the scientific world view; encouraging people to embrace rationalism and science. He reminds us that to do so means to live with uncertainty instead of deluding ourselves in falsehoods that are easier or more convenient than the path to a truer understanding of reality. edit: typo


The religious people who want us to abandon science are the same ones that take advantage of scientific advancement every day of their lives. When these people get sick or seriously injured, they don’t stay home and pray. They go to a hospital and take advantage of all of the medical advancements made by SCIENCE! I mean, as individuals, they are more than welcome to abandon science. That means no electricity or plumbing in their house, no transportation other than horse and buggy, no medical care, no heating or air conditioning, and no gas or electric stoves. They can dig a hole when they need to take a dump, and they can bathe in a barrel of river water. They should put their money where their mouth is and start living their lives without science and see how they manage.


Isaac Asimov: there are three rules.


I can’t for the life of me understand how someone can look at the scientific method and not just go “yeah, sounds right.”


Those sideburns! And that jacket! He’s in r/OldSchoolCool