It turns out you can bullshit a bullshitter after all. Frequency of persuasive bullshitting (i.e., bullshitting intended to impress or persuade others) positively predicts receptivity to various types of misleading information.

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Isn’t it a long-time tenet of professional sales that the easiest people to sell to are salespeople?


Salespeople make the easiest sales prospects.


This is not surprising as you can see strong evidence of it in our current political circles, which brings me to a related question… I wonder if bullshitters attract bullshitters?


You see this evidenced in the murder among Mormons doc as well.


Personal story I’m a good liar and (truthfully) people call me gullible all the time. I’m so trusting. I don’t like lying but I think I’m good at it. Like if I didn’t have Reddit I wouldn’t even know which videos are fake