It’s kind of weird that we all collectively lie to every child about the existence of some random guy that brings them presents

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Not all of us. My parents didn’t, and I don’t.


Or you could just be honest with your kids and tell them that Santa is just a mythical figure that represents the giving nature of humanity.


It was a teachable moment for my kids. I explained to them that magic wasnt real. They came to the conclusion that Santa therefore wasnt real either.


I think we need to tell the kids the story of Santa, but also the story of Krampus. Time to stop telling kids if they are bad, they get a lump of coal for a present, because a misbehaving child has use for coal, as a projectile, vandalism, setting things on fire, things like that. Perhaps we are simply arming these children. Also, the coal is a vague term. Are we talking actually coal from a mine of charcoal? Either way, it may not prompt the child to behave. Now, telling your child that if they do not behave, a demon will come into the house and beat them with a stick or drag them away to eat them, well, may mess the kid up, but that child gonna behave.


I knew it was fake but we just kept it going for the holiday spirit