Latina councilmember’s Zoom chat about racism interrupted by people laughing over her accent

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One comment by my SAT prep teacher changed how I see accents entirely. In response to student calling someones accent bad he said, “there are no bad accents. there are strong accents”


Dear America, Your education system is horrendous. Please fix it immediately. You’re making the rest of the world depressed reading this type of rubbish. Sincerely, Everyone, everwhere.


Stupid Americans who only speak one language making fun of accents are hilarious to me. It’s like watching a moron laugh that you think 2+2=4 because he thinks it’s 5. Not to mention that I’ve heard many people try to speak Polish and Americans are the ones with the worst accent. Every other speaker did a better job with pronunciation.


Having an accent doesn’t mean you are dumb. Making fun of someone who speaks two languages makes you dumb.


Am german still laugh at my own accent. And yes I also laugh at others accents(Tell me with a straight face that you never laughed at Arnold Schwarzenegger). Has nothing to do with hating a race or anything. Seriously just laugh with them.