Lessons from the December 2018 market correction, when the SP500 and NASDAQ dumped more than -20% (by intraday measures) from all time highs

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i remember when i got into investing in sept 2018. threw a large chunk of my savings into NVDA, SHOP, SQ, AMZN, and AMD. i remember buying and forgetting about them. i’m going to issue the same advice here… buy companies you believe in and dont look back.


It’s a great time to consider international and small cap stocks in your portfolio


I think you’re overlooking that a significant cause of the market downturn was the US government shut down that occurred. Nearly 1 million government workers were furloughed and many services were not being provided, so I would hardly consider a market response irrational.


2018 is millions of years ago.


I think the difference between the Dec 2018 drop and the next potential crash/large correction (assuming this isn’t it already) is the absolutely stunning run-up by the markets in 2020 after the March crash. It’s got much higher valuations now, making conditions more ripe for a panic to the exits.